Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Orienteering Challenge

After the event at Binning Wood - if anyone fancies trying one
tomorrow - Saturday 27th at Barns Ness. A different sort of course -
in some ways much easier in the open land than in the trees - but it
can still be a challenge to pin down those flags!

Start times from 2 till 3 as usual, entry £2 or £1.

Barn's Ness car parking is just before the lighthouse behind the
cement works east of Dunbar. Note that because the Cement Works have
closed the coast road, to get to Barns Ness continue down the A1 past
the cement works almost as far as Torness, then turn left, following
the signs to the caravan park, and double back towards Dunbar.

When you reach the bit where the road ahead is closed, turn right
towards the coast and keep going, swinging right, till you reach the
car park.

Fast running over open land, with the additional attractions of old
lime kilns, a wreck, a lighthouse, and various other landmarks.

White, Yellow, Orange and Red courses.