Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last of the Borders Series

The final race in the Borders Cross-Country Series took part on Sunday
18th February at Norham in quite pleasant conditions. The course at
Norham, while undergoing a change this year, was still somewhat
challenging and is a particular favourite of a several Dunbar runners

Dunbar fielded 14 runners in the junior event, with Alex Noble coming
in 7th overall in a time of 11:55, with Lewis Ross coming in 12th in
12:41 and Bruce Lindsay not far behind in 13:05. Hamish Law, Cameron
Law, Joanne Lindsay, Cory Smith, Lucy Hall, Rachael Lindsay, Andrew
Taylor, Gemma Bolton, Katriona Proudfoot, Martin Sparksman and
Isabelle Taylor added to a strong team on the day putting Dunbar in
3rd place overall.

In the senior race Ian Sills came in 5th, narrowly beating his
teammate Ian Rowland by 7 seconds with a time of 26:43. Dunbar was
well represented on the day with a number of runners taking part in
the event.

The presentation of trophies and medals for the series took place in
Norham village hall afterwards with Alex Noble taking first place for
the M13 category and several Dunbar juniors qualifying for medals
including Bruce Lindsay, Hamish Law, Cameron Law, Gemma Bolton and
Martin Sparksman, who took part in six out of the seven races, Joanne
Lindsay, Cory Smith, Andrew Taylor, Katriona Proudfoot, Isabelle
Taylor and Lewis Ross also received medals for completing four or more
races in the series.

Ian Rowland took the trophy for 1st male in the 40-44 category as well
as joint first from the organising clubs. Colin Menzies was 3rd male
junior overall, with Anne Hay taking 3rd prize in the female 40-44

All competitors joined in to thank the organisers on the day for an
enjoyable end to the series.