Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well, you kept that one quiet..........

A big "well done" to Sheila Morrison on her time of 4:35 in the Dublin
Marathon on Monday.

What most of us never knew about was that Theresa Leslie also went
along for the trip and never let on she was intending to make her
debut at the distance. So a big "CONGRATULATIONS" to Theresa, coming
in with a time of 4:44. Great stuff!

Also other congratulations to three members who achieved PB's in the
Jedburgh Half Marathon on Sunday - Richard Taylor in 1:28 (finally
getting through the 1:30 barrier), Emma Taylor in 1:47 (definitely
been getting faster in training) and Fay Stanton in 1:58. Fay cut an
incredible 19 minutes off her time for Jedburgh last year, so that
deserves another celebration. Well done Fay!