Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Black Bun Run

Eighteen runners completed the Black Bun Run on Old Year's Night - a very good turn out.  Thanks to everyone who came down to help out and give their support on the night.  A special "well done" to Alex and Finn.  Hope you enjoyed the (late) Christmas pudding Alex.

Grant Noble                 8:10

Ian Rowland                 8:12   

Ian Sills                        8:23

Richard Taylor             9:03

Stuart Hay                    9:06

Graeme Watt                9:08   

Alex Noble                   9:43

Pete Younger               9:54

Frank Weissgerber      10:05

Anne Hay                     10:12

Emma Taylor                11:39

Theresa Leslie               12:07

Mark James                 12:10

Finn Porren                  12:10

Fay Stanton                  12:34

Val Herring                   12:35

Sheila Morrison            12:36

Rona Starr                    17:18  


Happy New Year everyone!