Thursday, September 29, 2005

Update from Scottish Athletics

Some feedback from the AGM:  One of the issues that has arisen out of the Foster Review (the need for change in athletics in the UK by Sir Andrew Foster ) is finance and, if the Foster process can be kept on track, it could mean Scotland receiving a six figure sum for the next four years.  As much of Scottish Athletics current turnover is ring-fenced, changes in funding could provide other areas for investment.  Some potential areas under consideration are :
  • A bursary/scholarship fund to enable officials and coaches to take the next level of qualification to be reimbursed all fees and expenses (provided they are endorse by a club).
  • Local authorities to receive top-up funding to recruit two athletics development officers.
  • For coaches of international athletes (not covered by lottery or SIS funding) to be funded for their travel, with their athletes, to major events.
  • Funding to support a national coach/manager for Disability Sport.
  • Piloting of new formats for competition to determine whether event-specific or graded formats will work in club based competition.
  • Free uniforms for officials - new Hi-Tec contract will help with this.
  • Chip timing apparatus to lease out to local road races that would otherwise not be able to afford the full commercial rate for such a service.
Long Term Athlete Development
Major new initiative which will be covered at the Coaches Conference 19/20th November.  Article in this month's PB by Andy Vince (read it, discuss it and feedback to Andy).