Thursday, September 29, 2005


The club is hoping to produce an "End Of Year Review" that shall be published in "hard copy" for the Luddites among us. You know who you are - and anyway, given that you don't use the Internet I can say what I want!!
Anyway we need stories reports and anecdotes, even just a list of races you have done!
 The plan is to split it into the twelve months. So, if you did anything that you think others might like to know about/reminded about drop a couple of lines to .
Please try to keep articles at least remotely running related. Otherwise we could end up with a report that says:
January: Joe sighted near Hallhill. Floors at Hallhill unwashed. Stuart drank a lot of lager
February: Cross country ended. Floors at Hallhill unwashed. Stuart drank a lot of lager
March: Stuart and Frank upset when Stella ran out in Hallhill bar. Floors at .... etc. etc.
Also to help make this exciting publication, er ... exciting, we need pictures! If you have any photos you think might accompany your entry. If you don't have digital photos that's OK we can scan them. If you don't have photos at all then draw something. Seriously.
This "review" will be as irreverent as you want it to be but its down to you ... no input - no review.